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Brand Spanking New: CRYPT CITY (mystery/thriller)

The year is 1970. When U.S. Army Capt. Howard Starling is caught in the arms of another man, he's dismissed from the service in disgrace. With a background in intelligence, he tries in desperation to make a living as a private eye. His first client is a wealthy woman hoping to track down someone she knew as a girl but hasn’t seen in decades. As Howard investigates, not only does he discover that the orphanage where they grew up was the epicenter of a series of horrific crimes, but his past as a Cold War spymaster is about to catch up to him with a vengeance. Nothing is as it seems, and the past is never dead, in the first mystery novel by the award-winning, best-selling author of EDDIE'S BASTARD and THE HUNDRED HEARTS.

Published November, 2014 by Orchard Street Books and available worldwide. Cover design by Brian Halley of Book Creatives.

Winner of the 2014 Thomas H. Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award. #1 in Fiction/War on Amazon.ca.

From the best-selling author of EDDIE'S BASTARD comes this stunning portrayal of the true cost of war for soldiers and generations of their families. Five years after being gravely wounded in Afghanistan, 25-year-old Jeremy Merkin is still trying to put the pieces of his life back together. The only man he can look to for inspiration--his grandfather, Al, a Vietnam veteran--is so shattered by his own experiences that they cannot even communicate with each other. As Jeremy seeks physical clues to what happened to him in the days preceding the IED explosion that changed his life forever, he learns things that will change him even more--about his dead best friend, Ari "Smartass" Garfunkel; about his grandfather, who was present at the My Lai massacre in 1968; and about himself.

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Writing for First-Time Novelists

This free e-book contains thoughts, observations, and recommendations on the craft of writing. It's written especially for writers of any age who are approaching their first novel, but it will also be of interest to writers of all ages and all stages of development.

The electronic edition of this book is available for download free of charge.

This book is being serialized as a monthly column at AuthorLink.com, a great resource site for budding and established writers.

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